ST. CLAIR, Minn.  – A homeschool student was stunned to learn about spring break – a week traditionally free of school attendance, homework, and pretty much any responsibility.  The revelation came as the boy was visiting the local library to gather materials for a book report.

The student, 11-year old Jamison Hughes, spotted another teen boy seated in a corner of the library reading graphic novels.  “Since it was the middle of the day, I thought, ‘Cool! He must be a homeschooler, too,'” Hughes later recounted.  “I went up to ask him which Latin curriculum he was using, or how many times he’d visited the Creation Museum.”  To Hughes’ astonishment, the boy told him that he attended public school, but was on spring break.

“Honestly, I had to ask him what that was,” Hughes admitted.  “I thought maybe it was a special church camp or something.”  The answer astonished the homeschool lad:  Spring break was simply an entire week off from school, the boy informed Hughes.

“Are you kidding me?,” Hughes reportedly exclaimed, a bit too loudly. “A whole week of no school?  Sleeping in, goofing off, all day long?  Why have I not heard of this?”

Witnesses say Hughes then stormed out, confronting his mom in the parking lot.  “Lies!” he reportedly yelled.  “It’s all lies.  My whole life is a lie,” he cried bitterly, then sat on the ground and wept.