SCRANTON, Penn. – A local woman is expressing concern for her husband’s mental well-being after he repeatedly failed to acknowledge the obvious filth he left in the bathroom.  The woman, 32-year old Pam Logan, told friends that her husband, Jim, repeatedly leaves their shared bathroom dirty, but seems unable to notice it.

“Jim’s a bright guy,” she told a friend, “so I can’t understand why he’s so oblivious to what’s right on front of him.  I mean, can’t he see all of his hairs, shaving cream, and fingernail clippings that are covering the sink?  Is he really blind to the putrid coat of urine-colored grime that coats the toilet every time he pees? He has 20/20 vision, for crying out loud!  How can he not see this?”

Mrs. Logan first began to worry about her husband’s mental state when he repeatedly used the decorative towels to dry his hands.  She ignored these thoughtless gestures, assuming that her husband had suffered a momentary stroke.  But when she found an empty toilet paper roll hanging sadly on the dispenser, she knew it was time to intervene.  She gently questioned Mr. Logan about his lack of cleanliness in their bathroom, but it was soon clear that her words weren’t getting through.  “My words weren’t getting through,” she told friends.  “He was absolutely oblivious to how he was leaving the bathroom.”

Later, when Mrs. Logan pointed out the dozens of micro-hairs that had flung from his beard trimmer onto the chrome vanity, Mr. Logan apologized and cleaned up the filthy, bacteria-laden mess, sanitizing the bathroom with Lysol and an alcohol rub-down.  But Mrs. Logan still harbored fears that something deeper was going on.  “This isn’t like Jim. He’s usually so tuned in to things.  But not this.  It’s like he just doesn’t care about health and hygiene.”

At press time, the Logans had found a solution:  Jim would no longer use their shared bathroom, but would take advantage of a camping mirror and the outdoor water hose.


Hughes, a 42-year old