ATHENS, Ga. – A college student was shocked over the weekend when he encountered a washing machine, a device he claims he never knew existed.

The discovery came when University of Georgia student Kyle Peters accidentally wandered into his dormitory laundry room, where the white coin-operated machine was located alongside a dozen others.  “I had to text my roommate and ask him what these things were.  I thought they were computer servers, or some kind of gym equipment,” said Peters.  His roommate soon came, and informed Peters that they were, in fact, machines that could automatically wash his dirty clothes.

Witnesses say Peters was speechless, and not a little bit skeptical.  “I was like, no way,” he later told the campus newspaper.  “That kind of technology doesn’t exist. My mom and dad would have definitely told me about this.”  When asked how his own laundry got cleaned each week, Peters responded, “I just take it all home every weekend.  I assumed by mom paid someone to wash everything by hand.  But this machine?  This changes everything!  This is amazing.  I can actually wash my own laundry now. I feel like someone has opened up a whole new world to me.”

When his roommate then introduced him to the clothes dryer, located mere feet away, Peters just sat on the floor and wept.