COSTA MESA, Calif. – The search for a missing Canadian family has come to end with their discovery and rescue from an IKEA showroom late Monday morning.  The family has been missing since earlier this month.

A store employee reportedly made the discovery and alerted authorities, who quickly found the family of five alive but disoriented, huddled together on a bamboo futon eating frozen Swedish meatballs.

At a press conference, Orange County Sheriff Venton McMurtry stated that the family appeared to have become lost in the 300,000 square foot showroom.  “It seems the family simply got lost wandering through the great expanse of European-inspired design,” said McMurty.  “They likely became disoriented, wandering from one micro-apartment to the next, and simply could find no way out.  With acres and acres of tiny rooms and ridiculous names, it’s a miracle they’ve survived as long as they did.  Frankly, they were fading fast.”

Ray and Brooke Wilson, along with their three young children, were reported missing on March 2 when they failed to return to their Canadian home following a family vacation in Southern California. They were last seen entering IKEA, a popular home furnishings megastore in Costa Mesa.  “They were excited about exploring IKEA,” said a family member.  “They knew it was a big store, so they came prepared with water bottles, GPS, protein bars – the normal stuff.  But I think they underestimated how truly mammoth it really was.  I’m just thankful they’re alive.”

In response to the incident, which has gained national attention, IKEA officials announced a new policy whereby emergency survival kits would be placed throughout the showroom.  The kits could contain life-saving essentials like food, bottled water, Swedish Fish, and the newest IKEA catalog.