DALLAS, Tex. – An area man is receiving praise for his unprecedented gift of a U.S. $2 bill, given to his grandson in honor of the boy’s birthday.  The man, 62-year-old Alan McPheters, made the presentation at a family party celebrating the event, and according to witnesses, his grandson was stunned by the gift.

“Honestly, I’m stunned by this gift,” said his grandson, who turned 17 on Sunday.  “It looked like just a plain card, but I thought there might be some cash inside.  Maybe a twenty.  But a $2 bill?  I didn’t even know they made those things!  I mean, this thing has to be worth a whole lot more.  Like $1,000 or something!  My grandpa is the coolest!”

Families members were also surprised.  “This is surprising, it really is,” said one aunt, who spoke anonymously. “I mean, Alan has always been generous, but this takes the cake.  I don’t know how much that $2 is worth, but lemme tell ya – I’ve never held one in my life.  So they’re pretty rare.”

McPheters admitted that while the gift was lavish, it was not unusual. “Oh, I have a whole stack of those things in my sock drawer.  Every month, I go to the bank, cash out a cash, and ask for those crisp, new $2 bills.  That’s all this old man gives these days.”

At the time of press, the teen had no plans of how he would spend the $2.  “I’m not sure.  I know McDonald’s now has a Big Mac Junior.  I’ve always wanted one of those.”